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Whether it's exam tables, lab equipment, x-rays and copiers or any other piece of capital equipment for your practice we have you covered. When it's time to upgrade or maintain equipment, we can help determine the right piece of equipment for your needs and make sure that it gets placed with you for the absolute lowest price. This takes the worry and research out of finding equipment that is the right fit for your practice. If you're interested in keeping your current equipment, we can help with that too. We have maintenance services that are trained on all levels of repair for scores and scores of analyzers and equipment. Physicians Direct is your one stop shop for getting the equipment you need and keeping it going so that your practice continues to run smoothly.

If it's time for an upgrade or the current system just needs a little TLC, Physicians Direct has the answer. Our highly skilled staff will be able to tailor a solution that will reduce the stress of a capital purchase and help you keep your practice running for years to come.

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